23 January 2011

Dear SoL Members:

future will be exciting; especially over the next year. With this letter we are sharing what we are seeing today and inviting you to actively participate in bringing it to life. You hold that future of global SoL in your hands and by your actions you determine the results. You are a vital part of the greater SoL community for many very important reasons including expanding your connections, energizing your work, learning from others, and/or sharing your experience. The coming year offers a variety of ways to expand these rewards by both learning from and contributing to the global body of knowledge.

SoL continues to grow as communities form or re-activate in areas such as Columbia, Hungary, Philippines, and Croatia. We continue the process of revising our organizational structures, the introduction new programs, and the collaboration with partners who share our practice with an ever widening audience. We are moving together into our next phase to accelerate our growth.

SoL 2.0 will multiply our collective impact by collecting, leveraging, and disseminating what we are learning. Today the global SoL community includes over thirty-five regional and topical communities around the world together working for meaningful, measurable results. In addition, SoL has key strategic partnerships with other pioneering systemic change networks such as the Presencing Institute and the World Café and Appreciative Inquiry networks, which both broadens our overall reach and enriches the collective toolkit available to all. Practical experiences and approaches from these networks are shared through conferences, publications, hundreds of practical application projects, capacity building programs (training, mentoring, and peer networks), and through on-line communities. SoL 2.0 will enhance our work with each other and its impact.

Specifically, in SoL 2.0 we are working to:

All parts of SoL 2.0 are interrelated thus will be self-amending allowing continual development as each part is implemented.

In 2011 we will see the continuation of many of the central activities that enhance our work and we have come to enjoy such as regular publications of Reflections, the continued offering of Foundations for Leadership in March & September, Executive Champions Workshop in August, and regular circulation of Flash our updating newsletter. In addition we will see the long awaited upgrade to the website providing enhanced connectivity; the addition of new collaborative tools being develop by The Academy for Systemic Change (launching this year); and a revised inclusive governance process. Some examples for you to keep in mind from around the community are: 

You can keep up with many of these activities and others through www.solonline.org or join us in the community conversation at www.solevolution.ning.com to express your opinions and share your ideas. Right now you can:

We learn far more by doing than by verbalizing, it is therefore time that we move into action. None of this is easy. But leaders around the world today are showing that real change is possible, that sustained high performance and genuine well being go hand in hand – when people truly learn how to learn together. Let us as a community continue to learn together in 2011 and beyond.

Best Regards,

Peter Senge & Alfred Hanner, Co-Chairs SoL Interim Council