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Shared Vision
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"The most personal is most universal," an American psychologist Carl Rogers says, "If that were not the case, there would be No shared visions."

Peter Senge

What is
Shared Vision?

If any one idea about leadership has inspired organizations for thousands of years, it's the capacity to hold a shared picture of the future we seek to create. One is hard-pressed to think of any organization that has sustained some measure of greatness in the absence of goals, values, and missions that become deeply shared throughout the organization. IBM had "service"; Polaroid had instant photography; Ford had public transportation for the masses and Apple had "computers for the rest of us." Though radically different in content and kind, all these organizations managed to bind people together around a common identity and sense of destiny. 

When there is a genuine vision (as opposed to the all-too-familiar "vision statement"), people excel and learn, not because they are told to, but because they want to. But many leaders have personal visions that never get translated into shared visions that galvanize an organization. All too often, a company's shared vision has revolved around the charisma of a leader, or around a crisis that galvanizes everyone temporarily. But given a choice, most people opt for pursuing a lofty goal, not only in times of crisis but at all times. What has been lacking is a discipline for translating individual vision into shared vision - not a "cookbook" but a set of principles and guiding practices.

The practice of shared vision involves the skills of unearthing shared "pictures of the future" that foster genuine commitment and enrollment rathe than compliance. In mastering this discipline, leaders learn the counter-productiveness of trying to dictate a vision, no matter how heartfelt.

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Shared Vision

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Leadership for Sustainability Workshop

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Peter Senge talks about building shared vision at the Leadership for Sustainability Workshop in June 2013
If you are particularly interested in building shared visions across the boundaries of sectors, industries, organizations, teams, or authorities, you may be interested in the Leadership for Sustainability Workshop! Download the flyer and contact us to reserve your seats.

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