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Volume 1, Number 1


On Learning and the Systems that Facilitate It
By Russell L. Ackoff

Commentary by William Altier

Commentary by Vincent Barabba


CLASSIC: Metanoic Organizations in the Transition to a Sustainable Economy
By Charles F. Kiefer and Peter Senge


Learning for Operational Excellence: A Manager’s Story

By David Berdish


Kurt Lewin’s Change Theory in the Field and in the Classroom: Notes Toward a

Model of Managed Learning

By Edgar H. Schein

Strategy and Learning

By Arie de Geus

The Biology of Business: Transformation Through Conservation

By Humberto Maturana and Pille Bunnell

On Language as a Mirror

By Stella Humphries

Volume 1, Number 2

Organizing Knowledge

By John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid

Collaborative Learning:

A Core Capability for Organizations in the New Economy

By Dori Digenti

Biology of Business: Love Expands Intelligence

By Humberto Maturana and Pille Bunnell

Volume 1, Number 3

Learning In and About Complex Systems

By John D. Sterman

Systems Change in Education

By Peter M. Senge

Strategic Alliances: Finding the Hidden Leverage for Success

By Jennifer M. Kemeny and Joel Yanowitz

Conversation with Gary Hamel

By C. Otto Scharmer

Volume 1, Number 4

Climbing Mount Sustainability

By Ray Anderson

On the Plural Attentions Necessary for Catalyzing and Implementing Sustainable Development

By Hilary Bradbury

The LAKES Story

By Marlow Hotchkiss, Colleen Kelley, Robert Ott, and John F. Elter

Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously: Is the Emergence of "Sustainable” PracticesmMeaningful?

By John R. Ehrenfeld

Rethinking Corporate Responsibility

By Sir John Browne

Conversation with Paul Hawken

By Nick Robins

Becoming a Sustainable Species

By Pille Bunnell and Nicholas Sonntag

Volume 2, Number 1

A Laboratory in Democracy: Revisiting the Great Peace March

By Steve Brigham

Organizational Leadership in the Twenty-First Century

By Frances Hesselbein

A Conversation on Leadership

By Peter M. Senge, Ronald A. Heifetz, and Bill Torbert

Volume 2, Number 2

Local Knowledge—Global Innovation: Leveraging Distributed Expertise

By Robert S. Bauer and S. D. Noam Cook

Conversation withIkujiro Nonaka

By C. Otto Scharmer

Sharing Knowledge in Heterogeneous Environments

By Natalia Levina

Business Evolution: A Manager’s Reflection

By Barbara B. Lawton

Leveraging Change: The Power of Systems Thinking in Action

By Peter David Stroh

The Interlevel Dynamics of Systemic Learning and Change

By David Coghlan

The Call of the Time

By Judy Rodgers

Volume 2, Number 3

How to Change the World: Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Activists

By Adam Kahane

From Illness to Insight: Discovering Toxins in People and Their Organizations

By Peter J. Frost

Praxis Pentagon of Organizational Learning

By Ursula Versteegen, C. Otto Scharmer, and Katrin Käeufer

Why Change Management Needs Changing

By Richard H. Axelrod

Why Management Research Findings Are Unimplementable: An Action Science Perspective

By Michael Beer

Management Gurus and Educators

By Russell L. Ackoff

Volume 2, Number 4

Beyond the Surface

By Emily Sper

Conversation with John Kao

By C. Otto Scharmer

Learning in Performance: How a Dutch Company Transformed Itself

By Philip H. Mirvis, Karen Ayas, and George L. Roth

A Lesson from the Arts

By Robert Fritz

On Classical Music and Business – Listening, Leading, Learning

By Alf Westelius

Learning in and from Improvising: Lessons from Theater for Organizational Learning

By Dvora Yanow

Learning the Art of Neighborhood

By J. Jean Horstman and Julia Rowntree

Learning, not Logos: A New Dialogue between Arts and Business

By Julia Rowntree

Volume 3, Number 1

Twenty Years of Organizational Learning and Ethics at Hanover Insurance: Interviews with Bill O’Brien

By Barry Sugarman

How Companies BuildSocial Capital

By Sandra Waddock

Applying Systems Thinking in a Small Knowledge-based

By Tim Hickey

The Salty Line Manager and Organizational Learning: A Conversation with Nick Zeniuk

By Christine R. Day

The Impact of Transnational Institutions on Cultural Values and Vice Versa

By Edgar H. Schein

Learning to Be Complete: The Challenge of Cultural Dynamics

By Philip L. Ramsey

Four Futures for Organizing and Leading in the New Economy

By Art Kleiner

Volume 3, Number 2

Humility and Ignorance: What It Takes to Be an Effective Process Consultant

By Edgar H. Schein, Adam Kahane, and C. Otto Scharmer

Relationship-Centered Counseling

By Penelope R. Williamson, Anthony L. Suchman, John C. J. Cronin, and Diane B. Robbins

Putting Something in the Middle: An Approach to Dialogue

By Charles J. Palus and Wilfred H. Drath

Narrative Understanding

By Stephen Denning

Understanding How Systems Work through Children’s Stories

By Linda Booth Sweeney

After-Action Reviews: Linking Reflection and Planning in a Learning Practice

By Marilyn J. Darling and Charles S. Parry

Unleashing the Power of Connecting Disciplines

By Diane H. Schmalensee

Volume 3, Number 3

Creating High-Performing Organizations: A Conversation with Roger Saillant

By Karen Ayas

The Natural Emergence of Deep Learning

By Stella Eugene Humphries and Kathleen Forrest Otterman

A Mid-Life Reflection

By Bennett Bruce

An Epoch Change in Our Paradigms

By Bill O’Brien

Community Building in Business

By Philip H. Mirvis

An Exploration of the Spiritual Heart of Human Science Inquiry

By David Cooperrider and Frank J. Barrett

Changing How We Work Together

By Peter M. Senge and Margaret Wheatley

Spirituality as a Global Organizing Potential

By Diana Whitney

Volume 3, Number 4

Strategies for the Bottom of the Economic Pyramid: India as a Source of Innovation

By C. K. Prahalad

Six Societal Learning Concepts for a New Era of Engagement

By Steven J. Waddell

Globalization’s Challenge: Attuning the Global to the Local

By Jeff Gates

Capitalism’s "Genius”? Saving the Market from Itself

By Frances Moore Lappe and Anna Lappe

Learning Beyond Fear: New Events Seeking New Habits

By Karin Eyben, Libby Keys, Duncan Morrow, and Derick Wilson

Leadership, Networks, and Large-Scale Change: Topics Emerging from SoL’s Research Greenhouse II

By Barry Sugarman

Volume 4, Number 1

CLASSIC: Towards a "Truly” Scientific Management: The Concept of Organization Health

By Warren G. Bennis

The Corporation as a Community, Not as a Corpus

By Russell L. Ackoff

Leadership Is Sourced by a Commitment to Personal Development

By Greg Merten

Leadership When Events Don’t Play by the Rules

By Karl Weick

Young Leaders’ Forum in Asia: Learning about Leadership, Abundance, and Growth

By Karen Ayas and Philip H. Mirvis

When Culture Matters: Processes of Organizational Learning and Transformation

By Cristiano Busco, Angelo Riccaboni, and Robert W. Scapens

Living-Asset Stewardship: How Organizational Learning Leads to Exceptional Market Returns

By Jay Bragdon and Richard Karash

"I Don’t Have Time to Think!” versus the Art of Reflective Practice

By Joseph A. Raelin

Volume 4, Number 2

Leadership Is about Setting the Tone: An Interview with Jürgen Dormann

By C. Otto Scharmer

Internal Outsiders Transform Tradition-Bound Organizations

By Ariane Berthoin Antal and Camilla Krebsbach-Gnath

Commentary by Marla Kameny

Commentary by Tom Durel

Commentary by Ariane Antal, Camilla Krebsbach-Gnath


Models and Tools for Stability and Change in Human Systems

By Ed Schein

Community Knowledge Sharing in Practice: The Eureka Story

By Daniel Bobrow and Jack Whalen

New World Wine in Old World Bottles?

By Adrian McLean and Marsha George McLean

Accelerating the Organization Design Process

By William D. Lytle

CLASSIC: Teaching Smart People How to Learn

By Chris Argyris with commentary

Commentary by Haridimos Tsoukas

Volume 4, Number 3

On Face-Work: An Analysis of Ritual Elements in Social Interaction

By Erving Goffman

Opening Doorways to a Better Life at Work: A Conversation with Bill McQuillen

By Karen Ayas

Lessons from Creating a Learning Organization

By Fredrick Simon and Ketsara Rugchart

From Performance to Presence: The Organic Nature of Learning and Change

By Michael Jones

Story, Poetry, and Metaphor: Subjective Solutions for Subjective Problems

By Annette Simmons

Jennie Butchart’s Sunken Garden

By Scott Thompson

The Four Elements of Every Successful Story

By Robert Dickman

Learning to Anneal: An Interview with Vic Leo

By George Roth

The Essence of Leadership and the Power of Networks: An Interview with Margaret Wheatley

By Alexander Schieffer

Building a Cross-Organizational Learning Community: Reflections on SoL’s Greenhouse III

By Carol Gorelick and Barry Sugarman

Volume 4, Number 4

A World in Balance?

By Bernard Lietaer

On Dialogue, Culture, and Organizational Learning

By Ed Schein

Reflective Dialogue, Life Stories, and Leadership Development

By Philip H. Mirvis and Karen Ayas

Welcoming the Feminine Dimensions of Leadership

By Judy Sorum Brown

On Being a Leader: A Conversation with Sister Mohini Panjabi

By Stella Eugene Humphries

Looking Back, Leaping Forward

By Mieko Nishimizu

Ubuntu: Reflections of a South African on Our Common Humanity

By Barbara Nussbaum

Webs, not Kevlar: Designing Sustainable Organizations

By Hilary Bradbury

Volume 5, Number 1


Creating Desired Futures in a Global Economy

By Peter M. Senge

Commentary by Sherry Immediato

Commentary by Karen Ayas

Commentary by Muhammad Yunus

Volume 5, Number 2

Cultivating a Learning Economy

By Marilyn Darling; David Meador; Shawn Patterson

Commentary by Richard T. Pascale

Response by Shawn Patterson

Volume 5, Number 3

Breathing Life into a Dying System: Recreating Healthcare from Within

Katrin Kaeufer; Claus Otto, Scharmer; Ursula Versteegen

Commentary by Dr. Gert Schmidt

Connecting Lean Manufacturing and Organizational Learning
Jamie Flinchbaugh

Leveraging Global Culture in Our Journey Toward Global Leadership Development
M.J. Jamal and Nora Hughes

Organizational Culture Change after a Merger
Rosemarie Livigni

The Rise and Fall of Collective Reflection
Cathrine Pedersen, Karina Aase, and Odd Einar Olsen

Volume 5, Number 4

Confronting the Tyranny of Management by Numbers: How Business Can Deliver the Results We Care About Most

By Thomas H. Johnson

Commentary Roger Saillant

Commentary by Jay Bragdon


Volume 5, Number 5


Living the Change You Seek: Roca’s Core Curriculum for Human Development

By Sayra Pinto, Jasson Guevara, and Molly Baldwin

Commentary by Peter M. Senge


Creating the Job of Your Dreams: Reflections on a Visit to Team Academy

By Etienne Collingon, Manfred Mack, and Laurent Marbacher

Volume 5, Number 6

A Platform for Innovation

By Frank Douglas

Commentary by Otto Scharmer

Commentary by Anthony Reese

Volume 5, Number 7

BOOK EXCERPT:Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future

Awakening Faith in an Alternative Future

By Peter M. Senge, C. Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski, and Betty Sue Flowers

Commentary by Darcy Winslow,

Commentary by Elena Diez Pinto

Commentary by Robert Fritz


Volume 5, Number 8

Searching for Sustainability: No Quick Fix

By John Ehrenfeld

Commentary by Gregory Roscoe

Commentary by Bob Tierney


Adventures on the Way to Investing for a Triple Bottom Line

By Joan Bavaria


Profitability, Equity, and Sustainability: The Case of Socially Responsible Investing and Trillium Asset Management

By Bill Torbert

Volume 5, Number 9


Insight and Wisdom

By Charles Kiefer and Robin Charbit

Commentary by Charlie Fischer

Commentary by Miguel Oliveras

Commentary by Sherry Immediato

Volume 5, Number 10


Bringing "Mission” to Life: Corporate Inspiration from Visiting Communities in India

By Karen Ayas and Philip Mirvis

Commentary byTex Gunning

Commentary by Peter Senge

A New Tool for Inquiry: A Conversation with Peter Senge and Saj-nicole Joni
Commentary by Don Arnoudse
Commentary by Deborah Merrill-Sands

The Nature of Social Collaboration
Dennis Sandow and Anne Murray Allen
Commentary by George Greenfield
Commentary by Peter Senge

Group Magic
Renee A. Levi

BOOK EXCERPT:Who Really Matters: The Core Group Theory of Power, Privilege and Success -
"The Shadow Core Group"
Art Kleiner

Volume 6, Numbers 4-5


Building a Systems Thinking Culture at Ford Motor Company
By Jeremy Seligman

Commentary by Michael Goodman


Committees and Boards in Healthcare Organizations:

Barriers to Organizational Learning?

By Manoj Pawar

BOOK EXCERPT: The World Café: Shaping Our Futures Through

Conversations That Matter
Conversation as a Core Process: Co-Creating Business and Social Value
By Juanita Brown and David Isaacs

Volume 6, Number 6-7

Listening to Ordinary People

Alain de Vulpian

Commentary by Arie de Geus

Commentary by Anne Murray Allen

From Fragmentation to Aligning

Mark Addleson, Scott Brumbagh, and Raj Chawla

The Connected Company

Peter Gumpert

BOOK EXCERPT:Solving Tough Problems

Adam Kahane

Volume 6, Numbers 8-10


From Brainwashing to Organizational Therapy: A Conceptual and Empirical Journey in Search of "Systemic" Health and a General Model of Change Dynamics
By Ed Schein

Organizational Learning in China: Inroads and Implications for the Awakening Dragon
By Darl Kolb and Tianjian (Tina) Jiang

Commentary by C. Will Zhang

Commentary by Zhaoliang Qui (with Stephen Meng and Glenn Lauder)


Hindustan Petroleum’s Structural Analysis of Current Reality
By Ashis Sen


Sri Lanka: A Story of Hope
By Karen Ayas


Stories from an African Learning Village
By Marianne Knuth

Volume 7, Number 1
Hastily Formed Networks: Collaboration in the Absence of Authority
Peter J. Denning

Enabling Adaptability and Innovation Through Hastily Formed Networks
Tracy Huston

Mental Models That Block Strategic Plan Implementation
Jon Kohl

BOOK EXCERPT: Learning for Sustainability
Peter Senge, Joe Laur,Sara Schley, Bryan Smith

Volume 7, Number 2

The Thinking Production System
Michael Balle, Godefroy Beauvallet, Art Smalley, Durward K. Sobek

Roger Saillant

From Human Resources to Human Relations
Bahattin Aydin

Evrim Calkaver

Distributing Leadership Practices for Lean Transformation
George Roth

Bill Bellows

Space Flight Resources Management
Peter Pruyn, Michael Sterling

The Managerial Moment of Truth
Bruce Bodaken, Robert Fritz

Volume 7, Number 3

Building a Systems Thinking Culture at Ford Motor Company
Jeremy Seligman

Michael Goodman

Committees and Boards in Healthcare Organizations
Manoj Pawar

BOOK EXCERPT: The World Café
Juanita Brown with David Isaacs and the World Café Community


Volume 7, Number 4

Managing Your Time as a Leader
Marilyn Paul and David Peter Stroh

Systems Intelligence: A Key Competence for Organizational Life
Raimo P. Hämäläinen and Esa Saarinen

Teaching Organizational Learning: Permission to Exhale
Phil Ramsey

Context Tension: Cultural Influences on Leadership and Management Practice
Nadine Mendelek Theimann, Kurt April and Eddie Blass

BOOK EXCERPT: Conscious Business
Fred Kofman

Volume 8, Number 1

Growing Knowledge Together: Using Emergent Learning and EL Maps for Better Results
Marilyn Darling and Charles Parry

Conflict Alchemy: A Practical Paradigm for Conflict Solutions
David Pauker

Learning Together for Good Decision Making
Arie de Geus

Developing High Potential Leaders with Strategy Cafés
Jim Myracle and Diane Oettinger

BOOK EXCERPT: Leadership Agility: Five Levels of Mastery for Anticipating and Initiating Change
Bill Joiner and Steve Josephs

Volume 8, Number 2

The Generative Change Community
Bettye Pruitt

Companies That Mimic Life
Jay Bragdon and Jeanne Veatch-Bragdon

Cross-Sectoral Leadership for Collective Action on HIV and AIDS in Zambia
Katrin Kaeufer and Judith Flick

Just Business
Alan Mobley

Discovering the Source of Phenomenal Results
Anne Murray Allen, Greg Merten, and Bob Johnson

Holistic Training
Jon Kohl

BOOK EXCERPT: Theory U - Learning from the Future as it Emerges
C. Otto Scharmer

Volume 8, Number 3

The Language of Power and the Language of Love
Adam Kahane

Achieving Clarity in a Constantly Changing Environment
Adrian Wolfberg and Michael Stumborg

In the Shadow of Windmills
Peter W. Pruyn

The Learning History: An Investigation into an Emerging Genre
Stevens Amidon
Commentary by George Roth

Research Update: ELIAS 2.0
C. Otto Scharmer and Dayna Cunningham

Volume 8, Number 4

The Future of the Corporation
By Charles Handy

Inside the Theory of the U: An Interview with Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer
By George Hall

Distributed Knowing: A Conversation with Philippe Descola
By Thierry Groussin

Research Update: A "SoL” Way of Seeing - Investigating Conditions Enabling and Inhibiting Collective Intelligence
By Manfred Mack

Vulnerability and Shifting Leadership Values: How Lived Disability Makes Context Inescapable
By Gregory Jeffrey Jemsek


Rewriting the Rules of the Game - Integrating Personal and Professional Aspirations in Practice
By Alexandre de Carvalho

BOOK EXCERPT:TheReal Wealth of Nations - Chapter 1, We Need a New Economics
By Riane Eisler

Volume 9, Number 1

Organizational Learning and IFC’s Mission Impossible
By Dorothy Berry, Yolanda Hegngi and Marilyn Darling

Inside the Theory of U: Interview with Peter M. Senge and Otto Scharmer (Part 2)
By George Hall

The Missing Piece to Building Great Teams
By Diana McLain Smith

Building Trust and Cohesiveness in a Leadership Team: A Practitioner’s Perspective
By Deepika Nath

BOOK EXCERPTfrom Being the Change: Profiles from Our Servant Leadership Learning Community- "The Power of LUV: An Inside Peek at the Innovative Culture Committee of Southwest Airlines"
By Ann McGee-Cooper, Gary Looper and Duane Trammell

Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn
By Mary Catherine Bateson

Love, Language and Working Relationships
By Manuel Manga

Volume 9, Number 2

The Role of the Corporation in Supporting Local Development
Muhammad Yunus

Serving the Underserved: Progressive Energy Solutions Through a Sustainable Business Model
Roberto Bocca and Prema Gopalan

Matrix Sales University
Eric Mellet, Philippe Pierre, Béatrice Quasnik

BOOK EXCERPT:The Necessary Revolution
Peter Senge, Bryan Smith, Nina Kruschwitz, Joe Laur, Sara Schley

BOOK EXCERPT:Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update
Donella Meadows, Jorgen Randers, Dennis Meadows

Volume 9, Numbers 3-4

Global Action Networks: An Organizational Innovation
Steve Waddell

Tribal Leadership: An Interview with David C. Logan and John King George Hall

Learning and Performing through Hastily Formed Networks
George Roth

The Defining Features of a Megacommunity
Chris Kelly, Mark Gerencser, Fernando Napolitano, Reginald Van Lee

BOOK EXCERPT:Sustainability by Design - The Tao of Sustainability
John Ehrenfeld

Volume 10, Number 1

Capitalism as a Human System:
The Value of Relational Equity
Joseph H. Bragdon

Not Just for Profit
Marjorie Kelly

In Search of the New Normal
Jason Schulist

Law Enforcement Through
Community Engagement:
From Productivity to Purpose
Edward F. Cronin

Character at Work:
The Soul of an Organization
William J. O’Brien

Volume 10, Number 2

Food for Thought: Discovering Common Ground
Bart Hilhorst and Peter Schütte

Meetings That Matter: Conversational Leadership
Raymond D. Jorgensen

The Unhappy Hedge Fund Manager:
Thoughts on Work and Well-Being
John Stutz

BOOK EXCERPT: Power and Love:
A Theory and Practice of Social Change
Adam Kahane

On Stumbling and Learning to Dance –
A Reply to Adam Kahane
C. Sherry Immediato

Volume 10, Number 3

The Lean Leap: Lean as a Learning Accelerator
Michael Ballé, Jacques Chaize, Frédéric Fiancette & Eric Prévot

Reconnecting with Customers: The Detroit Recovery Project
Mike Homan & Jason Schulist, with Susan McCoy

The End of Economic Expansion Requires Compression Thinking
Robert W. "Doc” Hall

Divergent Views, Shared Vision: The Scenario Game Board as a Tool for Building Robust Strategy
Michael Sales & Anika Savage

Volume 10, Number 4

Speaking Truth to Power: Nurturing a Reflective
Culture at the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency
Adrian Wolfberg & Nancy M. Dixon

Educating the Next Generation of Systems Thinkers:
An Interview with Tracy Benson
Tracy Benson & C. Sherry Immediato

Climate Interactive: "Sims” for Improving Our Thinking About Addressing Climate Change
Andrew Jones & Elizabeth Sawin

BOOK EXCERPT: Action Trumps Everything
Act Your Way into a New Way of Thinking
Charles F. Kiefer & Leonard A. Schlesinger, with Paul B. Brown

Volume 11, Numbers 1-2

Ten Years of Learning in Companies: A SoL France Research Report
(Originally published in Les Cahiers de SoL France in March 2010.)

President’s Note
Étienne Collignon

Part One
Report on the Action Research
Irène Dupoux-Couturier, Béatrice Quasnik, Catherine Redelsperger, Alain de Vulpian
  • Introduction
  • The Words to Say "Learning”
  • Triggers of Learning
  • Pathways to Learning
  • Practicing Learning in All Its Forms
  • A Particular Type of Change Agent
  • Companies Stretched Between Two Poles
  • Conclusion

Part Two
Getting It into Perspective

Learning in Light of Evolving Social Practices in France
Catherine Redelsperger and Béatrice Quasnik

Toward a New Type of Systemic Leadership: An Awakening Awareness
Irène Dupoux-Couturier

Empathy, Socioperception,
and Anticipation
Alain de Vulpian

Volume 11, Number 3
Philanthropy as a Catalyst of Collective Learning

The Philanthropic Learning Organization
Marilyn J. Darling

It Takes a School to Raise a Village
Carol Gorelick

A Systems Approach to Increasing the Impact of Grantmaking
David Peter Stroh and Kathleen Zurcher

Volume 11, Number 4
Highlights from The Systems Thinker® Newsletter

Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity
Peggy Holman

The Promise of Systems Thinking for Shifting Fundamental Dynamics
Scott Spann and Jim Ritchie-Dunham

The World Café Goes Local: A Town Plans for the Future
Peter Hechenbleikner, Deborah Gilburg, and Kerry Dunnell

We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This: Developing the Capacity for Cross-Sector Collaboration
Mille Bojer

Confronting the Tension Between Learning and Performance
Amy C. Edmondson and Sara J. Singer

Systems Thinking as a Team-Building Approach
Cynthia Way and Jon Walter McKeeby

Thinking in Circles About Obesity
Tarek K.A. Hamid

Changing Culture Change

Diana McLain Smith


Robert Hanig

Learning Lean: Don’t Implement Lean, Become Lean

Michael Ballé and Peter Handlinger


Jeffrey Liker

Leadership for Our Times: The Leadership System Model

David Kantor


Lisa Stefanac

BOOK EXCERPT: Source: The Inner Path of Knowledge Creation

Renewing Leaders: Beyond Servant Leadership

Joseph Jaworski

No, the Poor Will Not Always Be with Us

Paul Gilding


Working for the Larger System: An Interview with Riichiro Oda

Riichiro Oda and Linda Booth Sweeney



Bob Stilger


BOOK EXCERPT: Infinite Vision: How Aravind Became the World's Greatest Business Case for Compassion

The Power of Creative Constraints

Pavithra K. Mehta and Suchitra Shenoy

Think Big. Go Small. The Benefits of Smallholder Sourcing

David Bright and Don Seville


Gustavo Setrini

The Art of Sustainability: Creative Expression as a Tool for Social Change

Dominic Stucker and Johanna Bozuwa


Andrea Athanas, Amba Jamir, and Phonchan (Newey) Kraiwatnutsorn

Understanding Your Medical Mind: Decision Making Through Patient-Doctor Dialogue

Pamela Hartzband and Jerome Groopman, with Deborah Wallace


Seeing the System Inside-Out

Hugo Sax



Manoj Pawar


I Have Never Been Here Before: The Nonlinear World of Cancer

Marilyn Herasymowych and Henry Senko


Emily Tipton

Change on the Scale of the Whole: Creating Health, Peace, and Prosperity for All

Victor Garcia

Special Issue Celebrating 15+Years of SoL
Part One: Foundational Documents
From Fragmentation to Integration: Building Learning Communities
Peter Senge and Daniel H. Kim

Organizational Transformation from the Inside Out: Reinventing the MIT Center for Organizational Learning
Jeff Clanon

Scenarios 2000: Four Futures for Organizing and Leading in the New Economy
Art Kleiner

The Marblehead Letter
Global SoL Network Stewards

Part Two: Lessons, Failures, Frontiers
30 Years of Building Learning Communities
A Dialogue with Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, and Darcy Winslow

Part Three: Listening to the Field
Voices from the Community

30 Years of Building Learning Communities, Part 2

A Dialogue with Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, and Darcy Winslow


Choice As a Leadership Capability

Rawlinson Agard


Is Moving Too Fast Slowing You Down? How to Prevent Overload from Undermining Your Organization’s Performance

David Peter Stroh and Marilyn Paul



Rabbi Marc Baker


From Automatic Defensive Routines to Automatic Learning Routines: The Journey to Patient Safety

Michael Sales, Jay W. Vogt, Sara J. Singer, and Jeffrey B. Cooper


BOOK EXCERPT: from Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate, and Compete in the Knowledge Economy

Teaming Is a Verb

Amy C. Edmondson

BOOK EXCERPT: Humble Inquiry

Edgar H. Schein


On Communication: Process Consultation, Helping, and Humble Inquiry

Edgar H. Schein


BOOK EXCERPT: Leading the Relational Inversion: From Ego to Eco

C. Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer


Disaster as a Springboard for Thriving, Resilient Communities

Bob Stilger


Healthcare at Its Best: Southcentral Foundation’s Core Concepts Training

Katherine Gottlieb and Michelle Tierney


Robert Hanig

Applying Organizational Learning to Health Challenges in the Developing World

Joan Bragar


Thomas Sullivan


Leaders and Their Stories: Becoming the Master of Your Personal Narrative

Steven Ober


Re-Viewing the War on Drugs: Scenarios for the Drug Problem in the Americas

Adam Kahane


BOOK EXCERPT: Starting a Social Lab: Seven How-Tos

Zaid Hassan


A Spiritual Model of Care: Lessons from a Faith-Based Hospital

Stephen Berkeley


The Importance of Being Mindful

Art Kleiner


Putting Theory into Action: The Evolution and Practice of Structural Dynamics

Part 1: David Kantor with Deborah Wallace; Part 2: Sarah Hill and Tony Melville

Learning to Learn: Knowledge As a System of Questions

Michael Ballé, Jacques Chaize, and Daniel Jones


Is Your Town in Transition?

Jessica Stites



Jeff Aitken and Tenneson Wollf


BOOK EXCERPT: The Triple Focus: Rethinking Mainstream Education

Daniel Goleman and Peter Senge


Reflections on the 2014 SoL Global Forum

Part 1: Gitte Larsen; Part 2: Vicky Schubert


Being of Service: A Capacity-Building Approach to Organizational Change

Robert Hanig with Deborah Wallace



Srini Pillay


Reflection on Practice Through Model Building: One Person’s Experience

Grady McGonagill



Richard Karah


Polarity Thinking: The Power of “And”

Barry Johnson and Margaret Seidler


BOOK EXCERPT: Overfished Ocean Strategy: Five Principles That Make It Work

Nadya Zhexembayeva


Peter Senge on the 25th Anniversary of The Fifth Discipline

Peter Senge with Frank Schneider and Deborah Wallace


Inside-Out Collaboration: An Integrated Approach to Working Beyond Silos

David Willcock


The Manager as Mediator: First Manage You

Judy Ringer


Sheila Heen and Debbie Goldstein


BOOK EXCERPT: Systems Thinking for Social Change: Making an Explicit Choice

David Peter Stroh


Competencies Not Credentials: Reimagining Education in the U.S.

Tony Wagner and Janice Molloy


Richard Owens


Teach, Lead, Change: Educational Change That Works for All

Andy Hargreaves and Deborah Wallace


Pasi Sahlberg


Finding Connectivity: Narrowing Gaps to Discover New Possibilities

Charles Holmes and Deborah Wallace


Mapping as Engagement: Systems Mapping for Systemic Change

Joe Hsueh and Janice Molloy


BOOK EXCERPT: Leading with Shakti: Leveraging Feminine and Masculine Energies

Nilima Bhat and Raj Sisodia


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