Leading and Learning for Sustainability

Facilitated by Peter Senge & Darcy Winslow
June 20 - 22, 2017
Ashland, Massachusetts, USA

Collaboration is the human face of systemic change. Effective collaboration in addressing truly complex problems requires more than good intentions. People and institutions working effectively across (intra- and inter-organizational) boundaries need new capabilities which few organizations have: building trust among diverse players and shared visions that transcend individual organizations’ interests, fostering shared understanding of complex realities, developing shared strategies, the ability to observe and reflect on what is working and not and to adjust thinking and action. In short, effective collaboration is an ongoing learning process that demands an unusual degree of openness – of mind, heart and will – to challenge taken-for granted assumptions and ways of operating, and cultural norms. Sometimes, what will most limit progress will be the very behaviors that have made organizations effective in the past.

This program is about learning how to lead complex system change in recognition of the larger system that the change is occurring in. And doing so in service of long-term social, ecological, and economic well being.

Program Objectives

  • Strengthen your systems thinking skills so you can shift from reactive problem solving to initiating and creating new futures
  • Learn how to create work cultures of openness and inquiry
  • Gain exposure to and begin applying effective integration tools and frameworks to address complex change issues
  • Work with and learn from a diverse group of peers who share your passion for supporting sustainable business systems.

Who Should Attend

Leaders who want to build their capacity to lead change efforts, from wherever they sit within their organization, are invited to attend. The workshop will blend personal capacity building and application to real issues through a series of practice sessions using tools for systems thinking and collective learning. Leading & Learning for Sustainability will be both personal and collective: people learning how to work better together by working together to achieve common goals that otherwise might be impossible.

Additional Discounts
Early Registration Discount ($200) is available until January 31, 2017!
Discount for teams of three or more people. Contact us for details.
A mandatory program-related fee ($495, included) covers program materials and food/beverage each day (breakfast, refreshment breaks, lunch, and dinner) as well as an evening reception on the second day.


Peter Senge

Author, Senior Lecturer at MIT,

Peter is the author of the widely acclaimed The Fifth Discipline, considered by Harvard Business Review to be the seminal management book of the previous 75 years. Peter continues to push the boundaries of our understanding of organizational learning to elicit what new might be possible. Continue...

Darcy Winslow

Darcy Winslow

Academy for Systemic Change

Darcy Winslow is the managing partner and founding member of the Academy for Systemic Change. Former Senior Executive at Nike, most notably starting the Sustainable Business Strategies in 1999.