David Koehn


Dr. David Koehn has led and transformed a variety of major organizations to include hospital and school systems, manufacturing, consulting, high-tech, research-based, private/nonprofits and Federal/State/DoD/Security government agencies. His expertise spans health services, research, communication, public speaking, learning/development, organizational design and administrative services across a variety of industries. His competencies include managerial leadership, strategic planning, and organizational/business dynamics that include business development, finance, cost analysis, contracting, purchasing, sales/marketing, and labor relations. Dr. Koehn is a subject matter expert in human capital management, decision-making, workforce transformation, organizational change, decision making/problem solving, innovation management, executive coaching, talent management and competitiveness assessment. He has more than 10 years’ experience implementing large-scale change IT programs. He is an expert adviser to fortune 500 companies that increase customer satisfaction and improve teaming and collaboration. He has a TS security clearance and has over 30 publications and 50 national presentations to his credit as well as served on numerous professional boards and taught at a variety of universities and colleges. Find out more on David’s Website.

Speaking Topics

  • Why “Managerial Leadership” and not just management or just leadership (The need to be both a leader and a manager in business – a review and applying the blending of major thinking in both areas)
  • The Importance of  Strategic Thinking, Systems Thinking and Critical Thinking in Business and Government ( What is missing in business and government is using three critical thinking competencies)
  • A New Way of Executing Transformation, Change and  Performance Management (An overview of what is right and wrong with the execution of these three concepts and away forward using a dynamic strategic modeling capability called CALM – Change Adaptation Learning Model)
  • Self-Report Assessments and Personal Development – Their Value and Boundaries (A review of the current self-report development instruments and how best to gain most from them)
  • Motivation and Emotional Intelligence –The solution to most performance problems ( A review of Thad Green’s, Joel Barker’s and Kouzes/ Posner work on motivation and how  to integrate latest thinking on EI to improve performance)
  • Four Vectors of Success in Business (Integrating Org. Mindset, Process Design, Measures, and Variation Analysis)

Bibliography & Video

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  • Change, Adaptation & Learning Model, CAM-I, June 2005
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  • “Defense Initiatives that Work”, Interagency Financial Management Education and Training Symposium, Washington D.C., November, 1994.
  • “Applying Statistical Process Control (SPC) for Managing Software Development”; Defense Analysis Seminar VII; Seoul, Korea; 93. See David’s full bibliography


Certified Project Management Professional by PMI; Certified Quality Engineer (like Six Sigma black belt) by ASQ; Ph.D. in psychology from University of Notre Dame and adjunct professor at a variety of universities across the country teaching on topics of decision-making, personal and organizational transformation. Recent teaching engagements include: (1) For Kaplan University’s e-learning MBA program, courses on operations management, decision-making, strategic HR, and training/development; (2) For the GS, course on decision making for the CIA. Recent appointments include: Board member of Indian Creek School-Crofton MD, May 2013 – present, US Department of Agriculture Graduate School, Advisory Board Member, 2006 to Present; Washington Area Corporate University Consortium, Board Member, 2004 to 2006 and TECHLEARN, Advisory Board Member, 2004 to 2005. Additional academic degrees include: post-doctorate in Management, University of Alabama, M.S. in Psychology, University of Wisconsin, B.S. in Psychology, Chemistry, and Biology, University of WI; additional College Courses, University of Toledo; Army Management Staff College, US Army. Have numerous publications and speaking engagements on topics associated with change, organizational learning, organizational structure, organizational design, modeling, strategic planning, and performance management. Has active top-secret security clearance; Licencesd psychologist in the States of NC and Florida and formerly in WI, PA and MO; and Certified psychologist by the National Health Register for Pschology since 1981.

Speaker Endorsement

“Dave Koehn is amazing! His intellect, insight and capacity for innovation make him the “”Consultant’s Consultant.”” David brings a wide breadth of knowledge in a multitude of fields, a laser-like focus on the capacity for change and performance, and a capacity to develop the connections to build the Team. Dr. Koehn is as comfortable in the private sector as he is in the public sector, and finds ways to make innovation and transformation a reality in every sector.” April 16, 2009…Sheila Sheinberg, President and CEO, Center for Life Cycle Sciences Inc.”

“Dave is a master in organizational design, leadership, and change management, with a near-encyclopedic command of the literature. His skills at facilitating workshops are excellent, including allowing participants to arrive at answers on their own while maintaining overall focus. Dave is a powerful strategic thinker with a passion for system dynamics, complex adaptive systems and other “”new sciences””, but he is also attentive to the tactical and operational mechanics for getting from here to there. Dave is committed to helping individuals and organizations learn and grow to their full potential.”  April 6, 2009…Richard Adler, President and Founder, DecisionPath, Inc.”

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