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Effective July 1, 2018, the Society for Organizational Learning North America will join forces with and formally transition into the Systems Leadership Institute.

This change represents a next step in an ongoing journey of evolution going back several decades, to when SoL was founded in 1997, which in turn built on the prior work of the MIT Center for Organizational Learning, started in 1990. In the short term, the Systems Leadership Institute will continue to offer SoL programs like The Foundations for Leadership and Executive Champions Workshop, which continue to generate value and build community among engaged practitioners.  It will also give time to explore ways that the considerable momentum that has been built in recent years by the Systems Leadership Institute, especially in primary and secondary education, can catalyze a new chapter in our core exploration of deep change in systems that shape modern society. The Systems Leadership Institute, started by founding SoL members Robert Hanig and Peter Senge and Mette Boell from MITs J-WEL (World Education Lab) initiative, aims to support developing leaders who foster collaboration for systemic change.  It now also involves former SoL NA Council member, Julia Ross.

As we undertake this transition over the next few months, we will continue to provide periodic updates on our website. We look forward to moving through this evolution with you and are eager to help steward this rich and vibrant community.

Our Programs

Aug 14 - 17, 2018
Stowe, VT

Foundations For Leadership

Facilitated by Peter Senge & Robert Hanig

September 5 - 7, 2018
Ashland, MA

Our Guiding Principles

The Systems Leadership Institute allows people to come together to share their experiences and improve both their lives and their worlds. There are core principles of organizational learning that resonate with people around the world. Connect with the Systems Leadership Institute and learn how you can effect change.

Success Stories

The Systems Leadership Institute has coached and trained thousands of individuals to use organizational learning tools to transform their businesses and achieve, often unprecedented, business results.
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Working and learning in collaboration is exponentially more powerful than working in isolation.

We harness the energy of people around the power of organizational learning by connecting passionate individuals to a like-minded community that grows, discovers, and learns together.

Engage with Our Community

The Systems Leadership Institute’s programs help participants better understand themselves as leaders, discover their organization’s core value, and further explore the concepts of organizational learning


Our community includes many of the most respected and experienced practitioners in the world. With their support and wisdom, your team, organization, or business can apply the tools and principles of organizational learning to reach its aspirations.


The Systems Leadership Institute has evolved a unique approach to coaching that emphasizes the relationship between our clients and the wider systems within which they are a part. Our coaching relationships lead to deep learning and tangible results.

Speakers Bureau

The Systems Leadership Institute Speakers’ Bureau represents a curated group of dynamic, informed and credible keynote speakers who can motivate, educate and engage your audience.


Facilitated by world-renowned authorities on the five disciplines of organizational learning, our workshops result in both personal transformation and enhanced business results. Special learning communities are formed over the course of these programs.


For twenty years we have created containers for essential dialogue. We serve as a bridge that connects our community in ways that allow for empathic listening, collaboration, and generative growth. In 2017, we are excited to build on this rich history and renew our efforts, both through the use of social media and in-person events, to engage with the Systems Leadership Institute’s community.