We aim to create new opportunities and develop new capacities for a better society.

About the Society for Organizational Learning

Our leadership workshops offer personal transformation and reflection on your place in the world.  The Society for Organizational Learning North America is a Massachusetts based nonprofit founded in 1997. The Society for Organizational Learning North America facilitates connections between organizations, businesses, and individuals through organizational learning. We aspire to connect people with the tools and community support they need to tackle today’s complex and evolving issues. We foster and maintain a reflective and action-oriented learning environment.

The Society for Organizational Learning North America, a leader in organizational learning and leadership workshops, offers several different programs throughout the year, but also encourages organizations to collaborate with our trainers to develop custom programs.

For 20 years, our team of world renowned trainers have been committed to helping companies become “learning organizations” which continually transform themselves. Understanding that your organization is a living system and that it may be operating with mental models which have grown obsolete is key to achieving your goals; organizations need the ability to perceive changes in order to successfully adjust and adapt.

We help participants better understand themselves as leaders, seek guidance to discover their organization’s core value, and/or further explore the concepts of organizational learning. We welcome deep thinkers to explore new ideas, leave motivated to make the world a better place, and connect with the “why” in others.