Guiding Principles


Everyone is born with an innate, lifelong desire to learn. An organization that can harness humankind’s curiosity and passion for knowledge will change the world.


Learning is fundamentally social. Connecting with a wider community provides perspective and insight unavailable to the individual.


The capacities and accomplishments of organizations are inseparable from, and dependent on, the capacities of the learning communities which they foster.


Learning communities that connect multiple organizations and link across cultural and generational boundaries can significantly enhance their capacity for profound systemic change.


An open and healthy social system is essential in creating learning communities that will affect real change and promote high levels of social well being.


Developing individual and collective tools can allow us understand complex, interdependent issues; engage in reflective conversation; nurture shared aspirations; and learn through experimentation and correction.


It is essential that we evolve to be in harmony with human nature and the natural world.


We aim to create practical, real world results that will change our world – leading to healthier social and eco systems.